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Associations UK Congress

16 – 17 December 2019 ICC Birmingham, UK Congress

Sponsoring & Exhibiting

The Associations UK Congress & Expo is the largest multi-day conference of association employees in the UK. It meets the education, information and networking needs of its delegates whilst facilitating meaningful relationships between suppliers and associations. The congress is designed so that suppliers can engage with the right people: those of of influence and decision-makers with purchasing power.

  • Exhibiting over two days provides extensive engagement time with delegates
  • Most senior-level executives of any associations conference in the UK, attend by Directors, HODs, and senior managers
  • Networking opportunities throughout the event: during sessions, refreshment breaks, lunches AND drinks receptions
  • Host your own Dinner with association delegates on Monday evening after the drinks reception
  • Present two Expert Briefings where you can engage face-to-face with potential clients 
  • Only association employees attend as delegates so you can more easily find and network with the association decision-makers
  • Learn about association challenges by attending the sessions
Delegate registrations are 100% UP as of this time last year!  (as of 19/9/2019)


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