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Associations UK Congress

16 – 17 December 2019 ICC Birmingham, UK Congress

Membership & Marketing Stream

Membership Stream on Monday & Tuesday

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10.55 AM

The chairman will welcome delegates, introduce the conference theme and explain the day’s format.


Rachel Lambert-Forsyth

Chief Executive Officer
British Pharmacological Society

11.00 AM

David Douglas, founder of Membership Matters, reveals how the sector is embracing member segmentation, and the transformative effects it can have on membership recruitment, retention and engagement.  The session will cover:

  • Member segmentation, what’s new?
  • The dangers of poor member segmentation
  • Forget ‘clicks’ and ‘categories: What member segmentation should look like. 
  • How segmentation can create propositions that deliver long-term loyalty.
  • How your organisation can segment to improve perceived performance in delivering core purpose, value-driven marketing and CRM / digital transformation.

This is the first part of a two part session at 12:00


David Douglas

Association Consultant and Founder
Membership Matters

12.00 PM

Following the success of last year’s workshop, David Douglas will create another interactive group for delegates to get deeper insight and understanding how to best discover members’ behaviour and attitudes.

This is the second part of the 11:00 session


David Douglas

Association Consultant and Founder
Membership Matters

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Amanda Thurlow

Member Engagement Manager
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

Jason Hinkle

Head of Member Engagement – Europe and Americas
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

2.00 PM

Between the delegation, they will pick 3-4 membership challenges, that can be brought to life with some real life challenges that we are facing (or have faced) and then for it to be opened up for discussion for delegates to discuss if they have faced the same and how they have worked to address it and what successes (and failures) they have had along the way.

  • Maintaining relevance in society given disciplines are changing and areas of interest in subject areas
  • Digital Transformation – defining this term and does it relate to good curated content?
  • Ascertain how you position yourself as an educational platform  
  • How do you engage and attract in younger members and leaders?

Each session topic will be allocated 15 minutes inclusive of a Q&A


Rachel Lambert-Forsyth

Chief Executive Officer
British Pharmacological Society

3.00 PM

Sharing experiences of developing a successful innovation programme for and with members


Theodore Spyrou

Associate Director
Ashridge Associates

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10.10 AM

As part of a program to ensure the ongoing success of UK Finance, it is vital to ensure that the membership is in step with the changes that are occurring across the sector. These are often sanctioned by a supervisory or regulatory body, but based on the ever-changing financial services landscape. Digital disintermediation, new market entrants empowered by new regulations, the rise of FinTech’s and hybrid business models all result in an industry that is fast changing in terms of market participants.  How has the association has responded to these factors in their membership strategy and approach.

  • What are the new business models and organisation types that are creating challenges to the status quo
  • Avoiding bias from other members and colleagues when presented with applications by non-traditional organisations
  • What aspects of the value proposition must be considered and reviewed to reflect these changes
  • The assimilation of new style members with longer-term members with different organisational cultures, styles and objectives
  • Adapting individual workstreams to accurately represent and service the changing membership
  • Reviewing the fee structure so that new business model or lower resource model organisations are not disadvantaged
  • Acting collaboratively, within the membership criteria, to share value to a wider and more contemporary financial community


Sheryl Fernando

Membership Director
UK Finance

11.50 AM

Case Study 1: Remuneration Data collection made smarter: BMF Implementation of the Compare 2 Compete Portal 

As part of the BMF Membership package and the Market Data Membership benefit the BMF produce an annual Remuneration Survey to collate data regarding pay and benefits within the builder’s merchant’s industry. Several members have advised the benefit of the report in the form of helping to benchmark and analyse employee salaries, wages & benefits in comparison to what the industry is providing. Prior to implementing the Compare 2 Compete portal, the process of data collection was very paper intensive as members would receive several forms to complete based on all regions they were currently operating in. This would mean relying upon the members to complete and send back all forms without errors. To simplify the process the portal helped with ease of completion and ensured data remained protected. Commands were also used to validate the data before the member submitted, for example if an hourly salary was implemented where annual salaries are to be used the system did not accept the input. 

  • The BMF Remuneration Survey Report gave members a comprehensive statement of pay and benefits and therefore them to benchmark their staff pay and benefits by region and nationally
  • Merchant members submit data 
  • Merchant members receive a copy of the final report for free

Case Study presented by: Richard Ellithorne & Nyssa Patel

Case Study 2: QUIC – a data capture project – how membership data has been used to support members’ businesses and sector lobbying

Case Study presented by: Jodie Gray


Jodie Gray

Interim Chief Executive
English UK

Richard Ellithorne

Membership Services Director
Builders Merchants Federation

Nyssa Patel

Industry Analyst/Economist
Builders Merchants Federation

Streams preceded by plenary sessions with Keynote Presentations