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Associations UK Congress

16 – 17 December 2019 ICC Birmingham, UK Congress

Event Strategy and Revenue Development

Conference & Events Stream on Monday & Tuesday

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10.55 AM
The chairman will welcome delegates, introduce the conference theme and explain the day’s format.


David Parker

Director Conferences and Events
Royal College of Physicians

11.00 AM

In this session we will explore the nature of association events, how to design purposeful events in busy and competitive markets and introduce a framework that simplifies this process. The session includes lots of practical case studies of how to apply these principles.

  • How can you define your purpose as an association and for your event?
  • What are the principles of narrative, and how can you apply this to your event?
  • What journey are you taking your participants on?
  • Introducing the Event Narrative Framework – seven questions designed to create a coherent narrative and communicate your event’s purpose
  • Strategies to understand your varied stakeholders, their differing needs, and how to meet them
  • Designing purpose into your events


Sasha Frieze

Managing Director
The Business Narrative

12.00 PM

In this session we explore how engagement theory operates pre-event, at the event and then post event. How technology is used to enhance the engagement of attendees and its impact on behaviour change is also considered. The aim is for associations to create positive memories in terms of providing educational content to improve professionalism and standards within their organisations. 


James Morgan

Founder & Principal Lecturer
Event Tech Lab

2.00 PM

Events provide a showcase for research, policy and thought leadership as well as being a forum for members to share views and concerns. They are also an essential income generator for most associations. But do you know why your association has events? How can you ensure your events are meeting your organisation’s objectives? With budgets being tightened and staff resources limited, how do you do more with less?

  • Ensuring your events align with the overall organisational objectives
  • Refocusing on what you are doing - reviewing your events activities and programme
  • Reviewing how you organise events to manage with diminishing resource


Lorraine Reese

Head of Conferences and Events
Biochemical Society

3.00 PM

Many associations rely on their events to generate significant revenue to support the association's wider activities.  But what happens if delegate numbers decline or sponsor support dwindles away?  There is an opportunity to expand the range of revenue streams related to events by taking a more creative and innovative approach.  This could involve extending the legacy and learning from the event, also boosting member/delegate engagement.  Gains can also be made by reviewing costs and making cost savings without compromising the event quality.  By taking a commercial focus, event heads and managers can add value to the event and delegate experience, as well as enhancing the bottom line.

  • Thinking beyond current revenue streams - what creative and innovative solutions can be adopted to grow event revenue
  • Undertaking a cost review - where costs can be reduced or even stripped out in certain cases
  • Examples and case studies of cost generating/cost saving activities


Riad Mannan

Event Portfolio Development Manager
Institution of Engineering and Technology

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10.10 AM

Membership organisations often invest a significant part of their budgets into creating and delivering content. But are they making the most of that investment? This is among the themes explored in a new report by CPL and Ashridge Communications, two agencies that share decades of expertise in creating content and carrying out market research on behalf of organisations in the membership and association sector.

Called The Content Connection, the report highlights the results and key insights from a summer 2019 survey of 36 communications and content experts from our sector. Using information gleaned from both in-depth interviews and questionnaire responses, the research paints a picture of the challenges that membership organisations face with their content. The report considers fundamental questions such as whether it’s best to focus your investment in content on retaining members or using it as part of your acquisition strategy. And it considers other conundrums such as:

  • Should content be free and available for all, including non-members?
  • Do print publications still add value to your proposition?
  • How to develop a coherent and consistent voice throughout all your communications
  • How to target your content at different audiences

In this session senior representatives from CPL and Ashridge will join with a communications expert from a leading membership organisation to share some of the report’s key findings – and consider their implications for communications professionals in the membership sector.


Emma Thompson

Ashridge Communications

Paul Sloggett

Head of Member Engagement
Chartered Institution of Wastes Management

Mike Sewell

Managing Director
Cambridge Publishers Ltd

11.50 AM
  • How influencer marketing can help to build delegate awareness and uptake of your event
  • What is influencer marketing and where does it sit with other channels
  • How to find your influencers and involve them in your event
  • How does influencer marketing work - what makes it different from social media posts?
  • Boosting your marketing broadcasting with influencer activities
  • Why should your association be adopting this approach 


Gordon Glenister

Global Head of Influencer Marketing
Branded Content Marketing Association

Streams preceded by plenary sessions with Keynote Presentations