Association Leaders Symposium 2024

29 – 30 January 2024 Online Symposium
29 – 30 January 2024

The Association Leaders Symposium is where the association Executive Directors and their Chairs / Presidents define annual priorities and establish how to work better together.

The one-and-a-half-day online programme provides answers to the challenges facing contemporary association leaders. It re-inforces the value of informed policy and strategy as primary leadership team tools. The result is a shared understanding and commitment to the critical components of successful governance, strategy, and organisation.

With unparalleled expertise and a proven track record presenting and facilitating these sessions and content internationally for over 25 years in Europe, the United States and Canada, association specialists from Tecker International LLC will deliver valuable advice for immediate application to the realities of your association.

Optimise your partnership, create a mutual return, and foster effective governance by:

  • Building a shared understanding and commitment
  • Establish working styles and leadership strengths of each other
  • Define clearly the roles, responsibilities, and relationships
  • Evaluate the critical components of successful leadership, governance, and strategy
  • Identify essential questions to ask about your association's digital transformation model
  • Outline governance relationships between the association board and staff members
  • Identify current and anticipated trends facing you as leaders of a contemporary association
  • Determine the value of research in knowledge-based decision making
  • Apply successful practices and models to strategic planning and thinking

The symposium addresses

  • Current and anticipated challenges facing leaders of contemporary associations
  • Value of research and strategy in knowledge-based decision making
  • Relationships of board and staff in association governance
  • Leadership behaviour and its impact on change, innovation, and organisational culture
  • Successful practices in strategic planning and thinking
  • Mega-Issues raised by delegates

Who should attend

The Association Leaders Symposium is explicitly designed for leadership teams from business, trade, professional and credentialing associations, societies and federations, including the following:

  • Executive Head / Executive Director / Secretary General / Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director 
  • Current or incoming board Chairs and Presidents
  • Future Symposiums will be open to Board executive committees and officers

Thousands of attendees have discovered the significant role the content delivered through the Association Leaders Symposium plays in creating mutual success and return yearly with their current or incoming leaders. All attest to the uniqueness of each session, the constantly updated content, and the unparalleled value of the experience.

This Symposium Online

The programme successfully transitioned to an online event in 2020 in North America, and 2021 in Europe exclusively with AAE, and delegates expressed high satisfaction with its format, content and the ability to apply that knowledge to their associations immediately. 

The Association Leaders Symposium is now being offered for the second time to AAE members throughout Europe, and is designed for leadership teams from professional, business and credentialing associations, societies, institutes and federations.

As enrollment is limited for the program to ensure a comfortable learning community, AAE encourages you to register early.


Anne Bishop

I highly recommend this Symposium: superbly led, very practical, relevant. I believe this will be transformational for us and our association.

Anne Bishop

Chief Executive

The British Association of Urological Surgeons

Jayr Bass

Strengthened the collaboration with my Chair and an opportunity to mutually discuss the current situation and options for improvement.

Jayr Bass



Ruaidhri O'Connor

Very well organised and expertly delivered. Great for me and my Chair to identify and work together on leadership and governance issues.

Ruaidhri O'Connor

Chief Executive Officer

Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists

Tanja Munro

The Symposium gave us the space and focus to discuss & decide what my President and I need to do together to move the association forward.

Tanja Munro


European Consortium for Political Research