About our Events

The AAE has been running Conferences, Congresses, Summits and Seminars since 2006, and its current events includes


Multi-stream large-scale educational events with multiple streams for different roles, with an exhibition and networking, both online and physical. Online events extend to 5 days with 2-3 streams per day. Physical events are 2-3 days with 2-5 streams per day.

Leaders Summits

Specifically for executive heads of associations, these take place over two days and are single stream with keynote speakers and extensive discussion and reflection, on all areas of strategic importance. These take place online and as physical events, and are limited to a maximum of 60 people.

Leaders Symposiums

The Symposiums provide an opportunity for the Chief Staff Officer (executive head, secretary general, chief executive officer, managing director) and their newly elected Chief Board Officer (Chair, President) to define annual priorities and work better together. They are two-day events, and take place twice a year online. Each is presented and facilitated by association leadership experts with over 20 years experience of these types of events.

Online Seminars

A series of presentations and a panel addressing a specific issue in detail. They are two hours long and involve association executives and a sponsor speaking. These are online-only and are free for members to attend.

Expert Briefings

A series of briefings from consultants and advisors to associations, providing best practice guidance in a complex matter. The advice comes from the experts' continous experience with multiple associations. These are online-only and are free for members to attend.

Specialist Group Meetings

Monthly meetings for those with specific roles or areas of interest, where association executives share issues and exchange ideas to resolve them. Topics are decided by the members of the group, and are chaired by them. These are open to members only.

Hybrid Events Study Group

Monthly study group (from July 2021 to May 2022) examining the issues around holding large-scale hybrid conferences & congresses, chaired by Inbar Caspi.


Showcase are demonstrations of systems or presentations of services by association supplier business partners. They are held either free-standing or within a single morning / day for efficient reviewing of multiple similar offerings. Theseare open to members and subscribers and are free to attend.


Masterclasses are senior executive training with experts, with tutoring, discussion, exercises and reflection. They are from 1hr 30 mins long, to 3 or 4 hours, or two sessions of 3-4 hours. These are open to association executives and charged per person. Some masterclasses are available on-demand with videos, guidance documents and asyncronous discussion forums with the tutor.