This excellent course is led by William Thomson, and organised by Gallus Events. 

Pivot your Events to Digital is made up of 12 detailed training modules. All course materials include videos, transcripts, articles, templates and more. All within our dedicated online student portal. The most detailed training course for online events.

Course starts 1st June 2020.  The first eight weeks will run from 1st June 2020 — 31st July 2020. The final four weeks will run from 31st August 2020 – 21st September 2020. Once the 12 weeks are complete, and all content has been released, you’ll have access to the entire library of training materials, and you can revisit and review the materials as often as you wish.

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.Digital event.
.business. models.

Every successful event business is built on a strong foundation.

In this module we will clarify and cover all the digital event models

  • The simple five online business event options

  • Business models / options

    • Pay to attend
    • Pay as part of subscription/membership
    • Paid for by sponsors/exhibitors
    • Free to attend
  • How to maximise the use out of your digital assets


.Digital event. .framework.

There is no one size fits all approach to events and we can build a framework for success.

In this module, you will create an effective framework for your online events business

  • Design KPIs and event objectives

  • Align event objectives to organizational objectives

  • Create event timelines and project plan

  • Cover your pricing matrix

  • How to up-sell

  • Digital events for lead generation

  • What data and metrics to collect


.Designing. .for.Digital.

Increase your sales and profit by designing your events for digital delivery.

In this module you will learn how to create your events for an online audience

  • The Three Pillars of Your Online Event

  • Designing your digital event road map

  • Designing a full digital event overview

  • Developing and deciding areas to recreate as a digital product

  • Developing and deciding areas to add to digital product



The key to online events is choosing platforms that work for all your stakeholders.

In this module you will discover the role of the platform in your event and how to choose the right one/s.

  • What tech support do you need to deliver great digital events

  • Review platforms/technologies for broadcast and recording

  • Review platforms/technologies for editing and hosting

  • Review platforms/technologies for interaction

  • Choosing the right platform/s


.Designing .content for digital.

The content you deliver is even more important in the digital space.

In this module you will learn how to design content that engages your digital audience

  • Developing the use of digital content

    • Pre-event
    • During the event
    • Post-event
  • Overview of what makes digital content work

  • Designing your own content

  • Live v Pre Recorded


.Supporting. .speakers to. .deliver great. .content.

Ensure your speakers are prepared for your digital event.

In this module you will learn how to train your speakers to deliver thought-leading content for your online attendees

  • Support their set up and discuss options

  • Understand the short cut to simple Meeting Design

  • See the full list of event formats for digital events

  • Support your speakers to deliver truly powerful content


.Designing. .connections .for digital.

Understanding how to create valuable connections will be a cornerstone of your online events.

In this module you will find strategies for creating crucial connections at your digital events

  • Networking

  • Peer to peer exchange

  • Developing more online connections

  • Developing offline connections


.Designing. .coverage for. .digital.

Digital events can deliver exception coverage for your stakeholders.

In this module you will

  • Be able to create a strong value proposition for sponsors

  • Be able to create a strong and clear value proposition for your exhibitors

  • Design the best possible digital coverage for your sponsors and exhibitors

  • Creating a pricing matrix with confidence for sponsorships and exhibitors



You can not do this alone. And onboarding your stakeholders is an exceptionally important step.

In this module you will

  • Tailor and prepare guidance and guidelines for all speakers

  • Tailor and prepare guidance and guidelines for sponsors and exhibitors

  • Tailor and prepare guidance and guidelines for attendees

  • Ensure everyone understands your platforms/technologies for interaction

  • Learn how to onboard other events professionals


Creating an engaging online event

We have to move WAY beyond just pointing a camera at a speaker. Virtual events have to be SUPER engaging.

In this module you will learn how best to ensure

  • Effective moderating

  • Effective hosting

  • You choose the right length of event

  • You choose the optimun length of sessions


Creating an interactive digital event

The best digital events will be interactive.

In this module you will understand and be able to create

  • The role of the social sidekick

  • The best possible pre-event interaction

  • Incredible interaction during your event

  • Meaningful interaction post event


Marketing your event

You can’t rely on the old methods to advertise and promote your digital event.

In this module you will discover the new rules for your digital marketing including

  • How to map your new digital market

  • The best ways to promote/market your digital event

  • How to write supporting communicating & messaging that punches through the digital noise

  • Understanding the power of the affiliate

  • How to use discount strategies

  • What content to create to push your digital event