In today’s digital world we are surrounded by online content when browsing through websites, blogs, social media and more. As an Association, it’s important to create content that stands out and resonates with your members and your other target audiences.

For Associations, effective content can draw people to your website, build trust and credibility for your organisation, drive membership and new opportunities. When you create a piece of content, knowing the purpose or desired end result is crucial. Plus, measurement shows you what to tweak and test, as well as what to keep doing.

When looking to attract members, it’s important for Associations to strike the balance between giving enough value & insight away with your content to firmly establish your knowledge, credibility and integrity within your sector, but still upholding the value of joining you as a member.

The trick here is all about understanding the sweet spot between your needs and goals as an Association, and the wants and needs of your target audience. Finding that intersection will enable you to create content that grabs people’s attention and gets them interested. This is at the core of what you will learn about in this mini masterclass.

You will learn a robust step-by-step formula that you can use to create content with purpose. Our tried and tested strategy is designed to help you turn your content into a key touchpoint on your target audience’s digital journey that brings you results.

Masterclass Content:
Content Strategy
  • Establishing goals and objectives for your online content
  • How to generate content ideas – tools to help you find topics your audience are interested in
  • The key components of effective content and deciding what you want your audience to Think, Feel, or Do
Creation & Distribution
  • Blogs / videos / podcasts – exploring different forms of content that work for your Association
  • Maximising your content and opportunities to connect with your target audience
  • The power of live and our top tips for creating live content
  • Repurposing content – the do’s and dont's
Who is this for?

Creating good content to share on your social media, on the website or anywhere else online is not just a job for marketing & communications.
If you manage events, membership, training, or all manner of roles within an association, there are many ways you can benefit from creating and sharing great content online to engage with your target audience.

What's included
Elements Live
Presentation live
Reflection & discussion
Access to the recording post event
Discussion forum for tutor and delegates 
Enrolement Fees
Members 95.00
Subscribers 125.00
AMCs, PCOs & Event Management companies 145.00
Associate Members 95.00

Fees are in GBP, subject to 20% VAT and payment is only by card.