Awards are critical to promoting and recognising excellence in every sector, and associations are the best organisations to do this. Awards can be very intensive to administrate, to promote and communicate with all parties. They are often limited in number and scope because of this.

The AAE Awards manager will showcase how she uses the Preside system (from Pixl8) for managing awards, categories, nominations and judging as well as communications, which has all lead to much easier workload and many more nominations.

Have specific questions you want answered?

Ask these when you register and the presenter will either cover this in the Showcase or Q&A or follow up with you afterwards. 

Why you should hear from AAE

AAE have now organised 14 editions of its Association Awards since 2011, and has developed the series of three different geograhpies. She has handled all the administration manually and has set this up in the Preside system, resulting in a successful increase in nominations and quality of submissions.  If you don't already have an advanced system, then you may consider the one AAE uses, or you being aware of the functionality will help you to choose a system that is most effective.


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