In the increasingly electronic age we live in, public speaking is an excellent way to engage a community. Making the most of opportunities to engage, face-to-face with a live audience, is one that every Association leader is capable of taking. This full-day session will share the key aspects of becoming a successful speaker.

Executive Heads and Senior Directors that can prepare and deliver in a compelling and engaging way to an audience are very well placed when it comes to communicating in a range of contexts. Whether it is an Awards speech, an AGM, to external stakeholders, at one of their own conferences or to their industry, being an effective public speaker can make a crucial difference to an individual looking to help their Association achieving its goals.  In addition, developing your skills as a speaker can transfer positively back into how you lead your team, how you inspire them to act and work towards the goals of the Association.

Just what is involved in delivering effectively as a speaker at a conference? What are the key tools and techniques that will enable you, and your Association to stand out?

This full-day session will share the key aspects of becoming a successful speaker. Whether you are just starting out, or if you’ve spoken a number of times, this Masterclass is your chance to:

  • Understand your own approach to speaking, what you like and what you want to change
  • Hear the fundamental skills and thinking used by successful speakers
  • Practise and received constructive and supportive feedback on your performance
  • Learn as part of a group of like-minded Association professionals
  • Leave with a plan of action as to what you’ll do next

Who should attend?

  • Executive Heads of Associations
  • Directors and Team Leaders
  • Senior Managers
  • Anyone who speaks on a public stage


The session is a full day, starting with coffee and registration at 9am. The day will be split by lunch and finish at 5.30pm. There will be two breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

09:00 Registration & Refreshments
09:30 Welcome, Introductions & Goals for the day
  • Goals: What impact do you want to have as a speaker? What do you want to leave with today in relation to that?
  • The four Ps of successful speaking: Preparation, Practice, Performance and Personal Confidence
  • Preparation: What will you say and how will you say it? The three sides of effective planning and four storylines to work with.
11:00 Break
  • Practise: When and how do you practice? The principles of effective practice.
  • Performance: What to nurture and what to avoid. How to get your audience’s attention and how to lose it. Impactful openings and rousing send offs.
  • Speaker practise 1: An opportunity for participants to speak in front of the group.
13:00 Networking Lunch
  • The key tools to manage your performance: Convey meaning and connect with your audience effectively using the tools of Pause, Eye contact, Gesture, Pace and Voice.
  • Practical matters 1: A checklist for what to do in the run up to the speaking opportunity.
  • Profile and promotion: How to get the most from your speaking opportunity including writing and connecting in the lead up and how to draw people to you afterwards.
  • Practical matters 2: Other than what you say, the key choices that make your presentation effective including slide options and delivery methods.
  • Personal confidence: techniques to boost confidence levels, before, during and after your speaker slot.
3:30 Break
  • Speaker practise 2: the chance to experiment with something new. Using your prepared piece, adapting it to try out one of the techniques described above.
  • Development opportunities for speakers: how can you grow as a speaker? Tips on how to approach the following: Keynote speaker slots, Expert briefings, Panel discussions, Chairing conference sessions.
  • Travel well: practical suggestions about presenting to international audiences
  • Action plan and next steps: what will you do next to take your learning today forward? When will you do it?
  • Goal review: how have we done against the goal you set for today?
17:00 Close

Delegate Fees

Early-booker (up to 30 September): € 455.00
Late-booker: € 555.00
Prices are subject to VAT at 20%