There is an increasing awareness in the general market around the role of associations in relation to the conduct of the professionals who fall within their ambit. In recent times a number of associations have come under close scrutiny as a result of how they have dealt with scandals in their profession. Some have also found that protecting the interest could be a costly affair. Could yours be next?

It is therefore important that the leadership of associations have a firm grasp of their mandate with regard to the protection of the interest of the public and ensure that they have the necessary measures in place. Associations that are not in a state of readiness, may suffer significant reputational damage if they are not able to deal with ethical failures timeously and appropriately. This should therefore an important item on the association board’s agenda. This webinar will focus on the keys issues the leadership should focus on in relation to protecting the interest of the public and provide some tips on cost effective measures. 
Dr Claudelle has served in various associations for over 20 years, which includes serving in a CEO role for 10 yrs. She serves on the committee of the South African Qualifications Authority responsible for the recognition of professional bodies in South Africa. She has trained multiple boards of associations. Her doctoral degree is in leadership with a particular focus on leading through change and uncertainty. 

What you will learn:

  • Difference between the association’s mandate in protecting the interest of the public and the professionals’ (members) mandate to protect the interest of the public
  • Do some associations carry a greater mandate than others? How to determine yours
  • Effective measures that promote the protection of the interest of the public that do not cost an arm and a leg
  • How to work with related associations, in executing the mandate to protect the interest of the public. Create a common line of defence

Who should attend?

  • Executives Heads, Senior Executives and Senior Managers
  • Association board / council members
  • Audit and risk committee members

What's included?

  • Webinar (approx 30 mins)
  • Q&A
  • Recording of the webinar after the event, in the Resource Centre (members only)
  • Discussion chat during and after the event
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