If you are investing (time or money) in digital marketing, you need to know what’s working and what isn’t – even more so with Associations. The great thing about digital marketing is that you can measure and track pretty much everything, but to do this you need to have the right tools set up and know what to look out for.

By effectively measuring your digital marketing activity and results, you can identify where you can invest more time or budget, or identify channels that aren’t producing any results and can therefore be taken off your to do list. This helps you plan and prioritise, and ensure you are getting the most out of your budget and your people.

To get to this stage, we start at the beginning: what should you be measuring and how? In this session you will learn where to find the key metrics you need to know and how to create a report – either for yourself or someone else – that you can analyse and action to keep improving your digital results. 

Masterclass Content:
  • The value of measuring your digital activity – why you should be tracking your activities 
  • Identifying what you need to be measuring based on your objectives 
  • Core metrics – from click through rate to bounce rate, traffic sources and more – defining these metrics and which ones are important to you
Effective Measurement
  • Navigating key tools to measure your activity and progress including Google Analytics
  • Understanding and interpreting the metrics that matter 
  • Organising and analysing your findings
  • Reporting – best practices for producing a meaningful and useful report that shows you what is working well, what can be improved, and how you can start to action your insights to improve results moving forward
Who is this for?

Anyone connected to the online/digital marketing activity within an Association should attend this masterclass. Whether you are responsible for social media, the website or other online channels/campaigns, or whether you are strategically responsible for online strategies, measurement is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing that every Association must do effectively to improve their online results.

What's included
Elements Live
Presentation live
Reflection & discussion
Access to the recording post event
Discussion forum for tutor and delegates 
Enrolement Fees
Members 195.00
Subscribers 245.00
AMCs, PCOs & Event Management companies 245.00
Associate Members 195.00

Fees are in GBP, subject to 20% VAT and payment is only by card.