As we return to work, developing brand ambassadors could be the difference between winning or losing customers.

No matter what your sector, there will be huge challenges to face and changes to make within your organisation, as business slowly returns post-covid19. You will not only have to win new business and sell to your sponsors and event sponsors or exhibitors, but also find ways to motivate staff and retain your existing customers. 

Sales has changed and is no longer just the responsibility of the sales department. It is everyone’s responsibility to serve and look for sales opportunities, from the CEO to the receptionist. Every interaction is a moment of truth and affects the customer experience.

However, motivating and developing your staff to optimise your customer's experience will also be a challenge, after months of uncertainty, potential job losses, and a different method of working.

This is where the secret salesforce comes in. In this talk you will discover 5 principles that will equip you to engage employees, retain customers, and increase sales – to unleash your Secret salesforce.

What's included
  • Presentation for 20 minutes
  • Short Q&A for 10 minutes
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