How you present yourself on screen has a significant impact on the effect you wish to achieve – and in this brave new world, the truth is, you don’t know, what you don’t know. In supporting you to be more effective and engaged in remote connection, Greg Ward wants you to know what he knows: That with a few simple modifications to your physical environment and online setup, along with a focus on how you sound and appear on camera, you can make a profound impact in how you, and your message is perceived.

With a background in acting, voicework (Power Rangers franchise), live conferences and events along with over 20 year in the art of improvisation, both in entertainment and applied, Greg shares his knowledge of human behaviour, particularly in relation to the small screen.

In the world of theatre, film and television, every movement, every word, every gesture tells a story. As humans, we learn how to converse, negotiate and use emotion for effect from a very early age – then, in a fashion similar to creativity, we are trained out of these valuable tools – ‘Sit still!’, ‘Stop moving!’, ‘Be serious!’…

In this presentation, Greg invites you to unlock the power you already have within to create deep impact, geared to optics of the small screen.

The full ‘Command the Screen’ presentation covers a range of elements, not only the basics of physically modifying your environment in terms of lighting, vision, audio, green screens and available technology, but also the valuable soft skills of physicality, rapport, presence, vocal technique and tonality, pace and status critical to maximising your engagement and impact as a presenter, speaker, or meeting participant.

What's included
  • Presentation for 20 minutes
  • Short Q&A for 10 minutes
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* After, is on-demand from 48 working hours after the event, to allow time for preparation of the video, and is subject to recordings being successful.