COVID19 quarantines and lockdowns occurred quickly, and many associations were suddenly thrust into telework from home, with or without preparation.  Until we have better treatment and a vaccine, associations must be prepared for how to be productive during telework.  With an unstable economy, some associations’ survival may hinge on the ability to work remotely and eliminate office space overhead costs.

How do we keep our staff engaged and productive during telework?  It can be difficult to manage people we can’t see, but there are leadership skills that can be applied to the situation.  Keeping employees energized during times of ongoing stress is another leadership challenge.  We know that teamwork is vitally important to success and fostering teamwork through remote meetings is yet another challenge. 

Mary Ellen Brennan, the presenter, has managed successful telework programs in associations for 15 years.  She currently consults with several associations and non-profits that have effectively transitioned into full-time telework due to the pandemic.  Mary Ellen is highly experienced at coaching and counseling managers on leadership skills and managing employee performance.  She is regularly featured as a presenter of management and leadership topics including telework at events sponsored by ASAE and AAE. 

What you will learn

  • Keys to maintaining productivity while employees work remotely
  • Ways to bolster employee engagement while unable to meet face-to-face
  • Ideas for helping employees to relieve their stress
  • Considerations in making virtual employee meetings productive
  • Leadership traits to utilize while managing remote workers during a stressful time

Who should attend?

Anyone managing people that are currently teleworking or may telework in the future; associations of any type or location that may need to convert to telework temporarily to respond to social distancing requirements or permanently to decrease overhead

What's included?

  • Webinar (approx 30 mins)
  • Followed by Q&A
  • Recording of the webinar after the event, in the Resource Centre (members only)
  • Discussion chat during and online after
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