This masterclass is part of the Changing your Conversations: Changing your Outcomes Programme.

Every encounter is an opportunity for you to make a difference. That’s why you show up, to contribute your time, ideas and energy, to make change happen. Is this what’s happening? Are you creating the outcomes that you want, and your commitment deserves? Perhaps you’re learning that showing up with energy and ideas is just the first step. A useful first step, but not always a guarantee of action or success. 

No one person can do everything themselves. Sometimes you might try, maybe think it would be easier if you could. But you may well end up burnt out and disappointed. The fact is, we need each other. 

Whether you can make the difference you intend, whether your ideas and energy hit the mark is dependent on your approach to influence and persuasion. With the right approach, you can give and receive a terrific amount of great value, bring others along with you, and in doing so create successful outcomes for them, for you and for the community you serve. 

How can you get comfortable with influence and persuasion, find a way to do it effectively that works for you? That’s what you’ll get to work on in this session.

John will walk you through a step-by-step guide an influence toolkit that will raise your chances of success. You’ll learn how to bring people with you, creating the conditions for them to contribute and take their share of the credit with the resulting success being acclaimed as the work of many. 

  • Introductions: and goals for the session
  • How to be heard: the 4Ps as your influence toolkit 
  • Preparation and Practise: finding your words and saying them
  • Performance: using questions, listening and summarising to good effect 
  • Personal Confidence: holding yourself together when things don’t go according to plan
  • Influence over Video: how to influence when there’s a screen between you.
  • Working with resistance: handling “we tried that before” and other challenges.
  • Action plan: what will you do next to turn your learning into action?
Who this is for

This session is for anyone who’s success rests on them being able to influence and persuade. You could be an income generator, for example in Membership Sales. Or perhaps you’re driving long term influence in an Advocacy role. Or you could be at board level and required to influence a group to take a particular course of action. Whatever your position, you are probably finding that what used to work well for you, works less well and you want to incorporate some fresh ideas into your approach. 

What's included
Elements Live
Presentation live
Reflection & discussion
Access to the recording post event
Discussion forum for tutor and delegates 
Enrolement Fees
Members 95.00
Subscribers 145.00
AMCs, PCOs & Event Management companies 145.00
Associate Members 95.00

Fees are in GBP, subject to 20% VAT and payment is only by card.