Have you tried or experimented with social media advertising? And maybe tried to learn on the go? 
Did you get the results you wanted/expected? 

Social media advertising has so much potential to reach highly specific target audiences and with the right knowledge and skills you can refine your targeting and your spend to get the best possible results for your objectives. However, you need the fundamentals in place in order to approach social media advertising effectively for your Association. 

So how can social media advertising help you? 

For Associations, social media advertising can have multiple benefits. You may want to generate attendance for an event or a conference; target new members in specific roles or sectors; promote training or webinars; launch or elevate a piece of research, or a study within your field. 

This masterclass is all about helping you get the most out of social media advertising. From setting objectives, targeting, and choosing the right creatives and ad formats, you will learn a set of best practices for social media advertising across various channels. 

SocialB manage several of their clients social media advertising and have learnt so many lessons over the years so Simon wants to share that insight and knowledge with you on how to get the best possible results for your Association.

  • The benefits of paid social media advertising 
  • Setting campaign objectives
  • Targeting options and ad formats (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram?)
  • How to optimise your ads & maximise results from your campaigns 
  • Setting up the right tracking from the start 
  • Reporting on paid campaigns
Who this is for

Anyone responsible for planning, setting up or managing the social media advertising for an Association. 

This session is also really beneficial from a more strategic point of view, so even if you’re not the one setting up campaigns but you might be delegating this to someone else, you can learn valuable insights about how to brief your team effectively on campaign objectives & who to target.

What's included
Elements Live
Presentation live
Reflection & discussion
Access to the recording post event
Discussion forum for tutor and delegates 
Enrolement Fees
Members 195.00
Subscribers 245.00
AMCs, PCOs & Event Management companies 245.00
Associate Members 195.00

Fees are in GBP, subject to 20% VAT and payment is only by card.