Now is the time for you to create a breakthrough moment for your Association - and engagement will be how you’ll do it. You need it, for you, for your association and most importantly for your members.

The engagement elephants block the change you need to make and most membership bodies have half of them holding them back. They are aspects of engagement you know exist, but can’t or won't mention for fear of creating discomfort or embarrassment; or for being labelled controversial or disruptive, a challenger to the status quo. They come up in board meetings, team meetings, and one-to-ones. They can even be found in member conversations.

Now is the perfect time to address these engagment elephants. There’s no longer a status quo to protect. Everything is up in the air, up for debate and discussion. The world we are in right now is a unique opportunity. Associations that grasp them will secure their own future and those that don’t respond will be trampled. Are you ready to seize this chance?

Association expert John Scarrott has identified eight aspects of engagement that can harbour these elephants. In this masterclass he will share these with you in more detail. You will leave with:

  • Clarity on your elephants, and what they look like
  • Ways to engage your colleagues in discussing them
  • The tools to create the breakthrough moment for your association around engagement

Here are the eight aspects of engagement where elephants exist.

  • Purpose: why it matters
  • Meaning: who it’s for
  • Measurement: how it’s measured
  • Activity: what makes it happen
  • Scope: who leads it
  • Direction: how it moves
  • Internal: engagement of the association with itself
  • Membership and engagement: same or different

What’s included

  • Presentation sessions
  • Exercise in groups
  • Workbook
  • Discussion and reflection
  • Access to the recording of the Masterclass (AAE members only)
  • Discussion forum for speakers and delegates after the event
What's included
Elements Live
Presentation live
Reflection & discussion
Access to the recording post event
Discussion forum for tutor and delegates 
Enrolement Fees
Members 95.00
Subscribers 125.00
AMCs, PCOs & Event Management companies 145.00
Associate Members 95.00

Fees are in GBP, subject to 20% VAT and payment is only by card.