In today's digital age, associations handle a large amount of personal data, ranging from member information to financial records. Holding this data comes with important concerns around privacy and security. To protect both the association and its members, it is essential you understand the key considerations.

This online seminar will cover the critical issues of information rights and what to do if data is compromised, as well as best practices for data collection and use.

You will come away with a clear understanding of the importance of data protection for associations, and the steps they can take to ensure that their data is secure.


12:00 Introduction

GDPR considerations for Member Associations 
Luke Dixon, who heads up the Data and Information team at Freeths, a leading law firm, will pressent on the following:

  • How to collect and process member data fairly and lawfully
  • What information rights members have and how you should handle them
  • What happens if member data is compromised - what you should do
  • Communicating with members – marketing to them in a compliant way
12:30 Discussion & Questions from the chair and delegates to the speaker

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A recording of the seminar is available to all members on our website in the resource centre (in the resources tab) approximately 48 hours afterwards and subject to a successful recording.


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