This masterclass is part of the Changing Conversations: Changing Outcomes Programme.

Alongside our everyday communications those we cope with perfectly well, there sits another category altogether. These are called challenging or difficult conversations, so named because they are present as different, requiring something more than the average conversation. Often, they involve topics, situations and people that are perceived as difficult. 

When you see one of these conversations coming towards you, what do you do? Some will approach the situation carefully, delicately and diplomatically. Others will take a more direct approach. Whilst a further group may quietly park the matter and hope it goes away. Each of these approaches has some merit, but each, in its own way contains a risk of missing the mark. And leaving the matter unresolved is a risk with all of them. 

There is a better way and that’s what this Masterclass will share.

What is required is a clearer understanding of what makes challenging conversations so difficult. From there we can choose how we look at them in order to make them easier to manage. And then we can nurture the skills and learn the process to both initiate these types of conversation and listen to them when they are brought to us by others. In the age we’re in, being able to have these conversations well, has never been more important. 

In this session John will walk you through an examination of what makes a difficult conversation difficult. Then he will defuse it, reframing it to make it manageable. You will learn two approaches. Firstly to the skills you need to develop and secondly the process for putting them into action. You will leave with the foundations and a plan to develop your skills and confidence when it comes to speaking and listening in difficult conversations.

  • Introductions: and goals for the session
  • The nature of the challenge: why challenging conversations exist
  • Escaping the gravity: looking at these conversations differently
  • A two-pronged approach: Personal and Process
  • Personal: ACES: the qualities to have conversations that matter
  • Process: The roadmap for a difficult conversation and how to navigate it
  • Action plan: what will you do next to turn your learning into action?
Who this is for

This is for anyone who wants to learn how to say the things they want to say, but are currently not saying. And to respond when they receive these things from others. 

What's included
Elements Live
Presentation live
Reflection & discussion
Access to the recording post event
Discussion forum for tutor and delegates 
Enrolement Fees
Members 195.00
Subscribers 245.00
AMCs, PCOs & Event Management companies 245.00
Associate Members 195.00

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