Bring your key challenge for transforming your organisation as well as your own strategic association experience to a closed high-level problem-solving group of up-to-twelve association executive, non-executive and senior directors. This is not another networking event, but a strategic problem-solving think-tank.

This online think tank series on Transformation is an extension of the "Transforming Associations on Purpose" keynote at the Associations World Congress in March and the masterclass in Brussels presented by Alexander Inchbald. It was a real eye-opener for those of us who attended: it helped us to look at our businesses, our growth plans and our members’ needs from a fundamentally fresh perspective. But it was the peer-to-peer brainstorming exercises which yielded the exceptional and unexpected insights. So much so that we are repeating the experience regularly with this online exchange on the first Wednesday of the month.

Share your biggest issue on Transforming your association on registering. A few days before the event receive details of the issues raised and the list of participants, giving you time for reflection on where and how you can contribute. On the day, the facilitators will lead the group to brainstorm in real-time on a video conference call.

The facilitators of this online think-tank are:

  • Alexander Inchbald, Creative Leadership Partner
  • Chris Pateman, Institute of Event Management
  • Damian Hutt, Association of Association Executives

These are experienced and time-served strategists in associations and events who share a common passion for making things happen. We’re all on LinkedIn if you want to check us out.

The group will be ‘closed’ in that it is for senior strategists from membership organisations only. Everyone participates on the understanding that: they are open and honest with their contributions; that what is discussed remains unattributed and that participants agree to notify the organisers if they can foresee any potential conflicts of commercial interest.

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