Research has shown that 60% of the CRM initiatives that fail globally do so because of management’s lack of confidence in the data.

Success relies on the collection of the right data, its management and use; hence the need for a formalised and documented data strategy that all departments of an organisation can buy into. However, the organisation can only buy into it when it exists within the context of a data culture, that recognises and supports the concept that data is a key asset that requires close management, as any other asset, for which everybody shares a responsibility.

This masterclass will demonstrate an approach to implementing an organisation wide data culture and data strategy. You will be taken through the steps required to ensure effective management of the data asset and how to instil an understanding of the value of data throughout your organisation. You will examine what the vision for data strategy and governance in your organisation should be.

Topics covered:

  • The alignment of Process, Technology and People
  • The different types of data being used and their provenance
  • The structure and introduction of a data governance team
  • How can data stewardship work in your organisation in reality - the policies and processes and their impact
  • Embedding a data culture where there may be resistance or lack of understanding
  • Cultivating the participation in best practices
  • Collective buy-in
  • The importance of training

Created for associations, this masterclass is a combination of informative presentations and practical exercises and discussions and is equally applicable to organisations with individual or corporate members.

It is delivered by one of the UK's leading experts in the use of data for managing relationships with over 35 years’ experience of helping both associations and commercial organisations in the UK, Europe, and North America to become data driven.

Audiences have found his workshops and masterclasses inspirational, prompting new trains of thought in addressing member management, acquisition, retention, and growth, through practical insight backed up by intellectual rigour.

You will come away from this masterclass with an understanding of the task to be undertaken, yet enthused for change and armed with knowledge to assist in the planning and introduction of a structured data governance programme across your organisation, to protect your investment in CRM and the relationships with your members.

Who should attend?

  • Executive Heads of small to medium organisations
  • Business Managers
  • Membership executives
  • Marketing executives
  • Database Managers


The masterclass is delivered on-line over two half-day sessions each comprising informative presentations with individual and group exercises and opportunities for discussions and delegate contribution at all stages.

10:00 Welcome, Introductions & Objectives for the day

How data-driven is your organisation? (Ad hoc survey)

An overview of data strategy

Why does your organisation need a data culture?

What is the approach to data in your organisation? – considering ‘as is now’ and ‘to be’

  • Determining the data that you need
  • Reviewing where the data comes from
  • Where is the data held?
  • Data-driven business processes

Data quality:

  • What processes/rules are in place to ensure quality and conformity?
  • Determining the quality of data – how to assess data
  • Setting rules to protect data quality and integrity
  • Integration of GDPR

Summary review & Close

10:00 Welcome, Introductions & Objectives for the day including a quick recap of Part One

Introducing a Data Governance programme

The Data Governance Team

  • Role, Functions and Selection of
  • The team members
  • Data Owners
  • Super Users
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Data Stewards
  • Identifying candidates for Data Owner, Super User and Data Steward roles

Format and orientation of data stewardship

Business processes for data governance and stewardship

Determining who are the creators and acquirers of data (not just users)

How to instil the data culture?

How to train the staff in strategy and culture?

Determining ‘quick wins’

Establishing the road map

  • Priorities
  • Technology
  • Resource
13:00 Summary review & Close

The Masterclass includes:

  • Course workbook 
  • Practical examples
  • Case studies
  • Group work
  • Tutor's slides (after the session)

Delegate Fees

Early-booker (up to 19 October): GBP 395.00
Standard price: GBP 495.00
Prices are subject to VAT at 20%