In-House Masterclasses

Our Masterclasses brought to you

If you want to invest in your people but find it difficult to get them to our public Masterclasses, why not consider bringing one of our trainers in, to work with your people at your site.

Tailored to the needs of your people

Our trainers will come in and work with your people at your office. Their entire focus will be on your people. The dedicated nature of this arrangement means that each Masterclass can be tailored to suit the needs of your people, placing the emphasis where it is most needed.

Five ways that running a Masterclass in-house can make training effective

  1. Better able to support each other: The shared experience of the training will prompt them to become a learning team, supporting each other’s future development.
  2. Greater accountability: Their common experience will make them accountable to each other. They will be more likely to see results from the training.
  3. Better working relationships: They will be critiquing each other in a constructive way which can reduce defensiveness and increase openness, paving the way for easier communication in general.
  4. Seeing the bigger picture: They’ll discuss and debate the bigger picture. They may start to see challenges differently and start to solve them during the day.
  5. Feel more valued: They’ll see that a group has been put on the course as opposed to one or two people. They will consider it a significant investment, not just in them, but in the team and the business.

How it works

When you contact us, we will connect you with the relevant trainer for your needs. The trainer will liaise with you directly and discuss the specific needs of your organisation, the needs of the delegates, and how a current Masterclass would be adapted. The trainer will advise on the price for preparation and tutoring in writing.

On acceptance, you will agree a date and location and will be invoiced for preparation, tutoring and any forseen expenses. You will arrange and confirm the venue (either at your office or outside venue) with a projector, screen and all catering.

Enquire about an In-House Masterclass

For further information or to discuss running a Masterclass in-house, contact: Sarah Frost, at

Fees are based on special preparation and the tutoring on the day, and may include a travel time element.  Accommodation for the Tutor may be required, which along with travel expenses are charged in addition to the tutor's preparation and tutoring fee. All fees are due in advance, on presentation of invoice.