UK CEO Group

The UK CEO Group holds online meetings every month to discuss key issues, and engages in this online forum at any time, asking questions and sharing.

  • Open to all Executive Heads of national and regional associations in the UK
  • Informal, member-led group with no obligations
  • Holds monthly online video meetings to share current common issues and their solutions. View Meetings here >>
  • Engages in the online discussion forum here, on any issues
  • To propose a topic for the next Zoom discussion, login and add it to the Discussion or email

Discussion Forum

Ask and Read in the online forum here >>


Meetings take place every month online. Register with AAE and the Book to attend

Topics scheduled include:
  • Leadership: supporting your home-working team and keeping on top of risks and liabilities
  • Associations and Brexit: best practice sharing & useful resources
  • Planning the return to the office: attracting and preparing their teams to get back to the office part- or full- time, blended physical & digital workplaces
  • Developing successful strategic business relationships.
  • Leadership: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for CEOs
  • Broadening your member base
  • Sharing resource: best practices, IT skills, meeting rooms
  • Improving equality, diversity and inclusion in associations
  • Leadership: fostering a strong and successful workplace culture
  • Attracting new young talent into the sectors we represent (Trade Associations)
  • Value Proposition for membership renewals 

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