International Leaders Group

The International Leaders Group for International, European and other regional associations, holds online meetings every month to discuss key issues, and engages in an online forum, asking questions and sharing.

The group

  • Is open to Executive Heads of International and European associations and societies
  • Is led by its members
  • Holds an Online meeting to share current common issues and their solutions every month (at the moment)
  • Engages in the online discussion on issues of critical importance 

Discussion Forum

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Meetings take place every month online. Register with AAE and the Book to attend

Topics scheduled include:
  • Developing successful strategic business relationships
  • Marketing: getting the best out of limited in-house resources and when to use agencies
  • Association Collaboration: sharing resources for concrete results
  • Improving equality, diversity and inclusion in associations
  • Governance - subtopic to be defined
  • Professional Development for CEOs
  • Building your value proposition: being an "advocate" to ensure membership renewals and grow members (for Individual Member Organisations)
  • Attracting new young talent into the sectors we represent (Trade Associations)

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