Supporting senior association executives in their development and leading their organisation to a successful future.

The AAE provides a wide range of support for Association Leaders, including:

  • Leaders' Forums
  • Leadership Programme on Transforming Associations on Purpose
  • Publications
  • Resource Centre
  • Support from our Leadership Director


Association Transformation on Purpose Programme

Realise your Association’s potential with this in-depth six-month programme using a unique methodology that has already helped many Associations turn themselves around.

Association Transformation on Purpose provides a transformational experience to help Executive Directors address the biggest challenges they face and create value in completely new ways. We will take you on a 6-month journey to articulate your Association's purpose and align your Personal Purpose with that of your Association’s, based on the insight that you are an integral part of the community you are trying to change. It will be an experience that will have a lasting impact on the ways in which you lead the Transformation of your Association.