Judges & Judging

The judges for the Association Awards UK will be announced in July 2019, and include association executives with roles that suit the category, and one expert consultant per category, so that the most experienced and expert people are judging.

How does the judging work to ensure fairness and the right entry wins

Our judges are experts in the field of the category, not just Association CEOs who often have limited knowledge of the complexities

  • Each category is judged by three judges or more, who independently score each entry based on the category guidance and weighting set up by the Awards team
  • Judges can't be led to select a particular winner by other judges who may have a louder voice or strongly expressed points of view, as the judges do not know who is judging the same categories as them
  • If a category does not have enough entries, because we do not have sponsors of the categories, we can procede with the category
  • We are using state-of-the-art secure and confidential awards management and judging system provided by Eventfolio / Pixl8 Group
  • Judges agree a code of conduct, which is closely monitored