Leadership projects

Association Success Awards 2024

Below are the categories in the Leadership Projects group for the International & European Association Success Awards.

Best Digital Transformation

This category is for the digital transformation of an association’s systems and services, substantially developed or launched in the last 18 months. Transformation elements may include and are not limited to website re-think; moving services to online; re-think of how the services are delivered; adoption of innovative technologies including mobile apps as part of the digital transformation; complete integration of all systems; highly functional and pleasing user interfaces; ease of use by members / community, uplifting the performance of digital media e.g. integrating media sources, improving ROI. Measurable achievements could include statistics such as: site analytics, logins, users returning, number and length of sessions, user interactions, responses to a call to action, user experience evaluations, personalisation, optimisation, and other results, measured against stated goals. This category is not open to the creation of new member services, which have their own category.

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

This category recognises either a NEW or a substantially developed EXISTING equity, diversity and inclusion initiative, in the last 18 months. Elements may include membership or volunteer recruitment, processes and management of membership or volunteers; initiatives, products and services, pricing, editorial content, etc. Measurable achievements could include statistics related to the equity, diversity and inclusion within the organisations’ membership, measured against stated goals.

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Sustainability Advocate

This category recognises a successful NEW sustainability initiative developed and implemented, or an EXISTING sustainability initiative which was developed or updated over time, with consistently improved results, in the last 18 months. Measurable achievements could include impact in the industry / sector, setting an example, support / education for members, policy initiatives for members achieving certain targets, and other results.

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