International & European Association Awards

The Association of Association Executives has been recognising and sharing since 2006.

The ethos of all the AAE Awards is recognizing success and sharing the know-how across associations. The awards programme is a non-profit-making initiative where nominees pay a low admin fee for entering. 

The awards are supported by the most distinguished associations and societies, and have the highest reputation for fair and good practices.

Winners of the International & European Association Awards

We are delighted to announce the winners for the International & European Association Awards 2022.

We thank everyone who submitted a nomination and congratulate all the finalists, as well as the judges who reviewed and scored the submissions.

View the recording of the Awards Ceremony HERE

Association Executive of the Year

WINNER: Callum Clench, International Water Resources Association (IWRA)
The judges said: “Leadership, innovation and many accomplishments - Callum is a valuable asset to IWRA. Not only did he turn a bad trend in membership into a positive one, but ensured the organisation is strong enough to stand any coming threats.


  • Thomas Keiser, IKW - Beauty and Homecare Association
  • Dr. Jiri Horecky, MSc., MBA, European Ageing Network

Best Digital Transformation

WINNER: SPE PetroBowl Championship, Society of Petroleum Engineers
The judges said: "Kudos for not taking the easy way out and adjusting the game to the available solutions, but sticking with the original idea..


  • A new global membership platform, African Travel & Tourism Association
  • A new, unified platform, MSI Global Alliance
  • Rebrand of the association, Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association

Best Event of the Year

WINNER: International Social Housing Festival, Housing Europe & ARA
The judges said: “An event well-aligned with the organization's mission and objectives, providing diverse activities for learning and networking. Strong commitment to involving the local community, considering the needs of the next generation, and ensuring a lasting impact."


  • Steel for Packaging Week 2021, Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging
  • AIPH World Green City Awards, International Association of Horticultural Producers
  • Spread New Music to the World, Lyrica Classic Entertainment Inc

Best Campaign of the Year

WINNER: Love Your Eyes, International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness
The judges said: "Visually very attractive, well thought out campaign that has grown exponentially and still has potential left to grow further.


  • FEFCO - #DeliverOn, European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers
  • Raising the significance of the economy in media, public and politics, IKW - Beauty and Homecare Association
  • Net Zero Carbon Events, JMIC Joint Meetings Industry Council

Best Education or Professional Development Offering

WINNER: The Global Skills Matrix, World Administrators Alliance
The judges said: "A project perfectly aligned with the vision and mission of the WA-Alliance. Clear strategy, thoroughly planned and executed, delivered brilliantly across a wide range of interests and measured well."


  • AO In-Hospital, AO Foundation 
  • IFA's Sustainable Fertilizer Academy, International Fertiliser Association

Best Publishing or Information Product 

WINNER: Summit Journal, Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate
The judges said: “A good magazine that looks appealing and well written. This is an example for all organisations that publish a Journal.


  • Unified Member Directory, African Travel and Tourism Association
  • Re-connecting to Empower, Association of Pacific Rim Universities

Association of the Year

WINNER: The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness
The judges said: “A wonderful example how a cause can be advocated at a very high level, yet translated and implemented very locally. Very nicely thought - through, planned, and eventually executed with tangible results.


  • Club Management Association of Europe
  • Eurelectric
  • International Astronautical Federation
  • World Federation of Advertiser

 An Awards with a different Ethos

  • The awards categories are association-guided, not sponsor-driven
  • Categories are in key areas of association development and importance
  • Selected projects are recognised as "Success Stories" and project leaders get the opportunity to present their projects to their peers at AAE events
  • A low administration fee of GBP95.00+VAT - for completed nominations only


Open for nominations
Nominations deadline
Shortlist announced
Awards Ceremony (Online at 13:00hrs CET)

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