How to Nominate for an Award

Nominating a person, a project or an association for an award is via the online forms.

How to Nominate

  1. Login to this website (subscribe or join for no fee, if you haven't already)
  2. Go to the Nomination Form page for the Awards that you are entering
  3. Select a Category
  4. Enter information into the nomination form (and where you haven't yet got information, enter some holding text)
    1. Enter info about the nominee (person, association or project)
    2. Add detailed information in 3-4 fields about the nominee person, association or project
    3. Upload any documents or provide any relevant links
  5. Save your draft every few minutes and save your answers in a separate word document as well, because the system logs out automatically when the entry is not saved regularly and you might loose some of the information you entered.
  6. IMPORTANT: Entries need to be submitted in order to save, however, you can amend your submitted entry at any stage prior to the closing date

How to Edit your Nomination Form

  • Login to the website
  • Hover over yout name at the top right, and select "My Award nominations"
  • Select the nomination
  • Edit the details on each page

How to make another Nomination

  • Login
  • Go to "Nomination form" page
  • Select the Category and procede as before

Need help?

Contact Anca Urdea, the Awards Manager who is available for your questions and to provide you support every step of the way.  You can call Anca on +44 (0) 208 004 6313 or email at any time.