Articles - Guidance and Specifications

Articles provide valuable insights for association executives and relate to associations. Articles should not promote a service or product.

Articles are included to the Resource Centre under Articles, are shown on the home page and included in the e-newsletter and social media.

All the following elements are required in your article submission:

  • Title
  • Teaser
  • Body copy
  • Title & listing image
  • Body images (optional)
  • Interest tags



Attractive, hooking readers in but should not mislead or raise expectations not met in the content.


The teaser is a short piece of text to entice readers to read, and reference the high value of the piece.  The teaser is shown in the newsletter and on the website in listings with a link to the whole article below, and at the top of a content entry.

Title and Teaser Lengths:
Short titles of: 25 - 33 characters, the teaser should be: 170 - 240 characters
Longer titles of: 34 - 64 characters, the teaser should be: 170 - 200 characters
Character lengths include spaces.

Body Copy

Usually between 200 and 500 words, although longer is acceptable. The copy should not promote a service or product.

Headers & Listing image

This is one and the same image that appears as a header to the entry and in the listing icon.

You can provide the image yourself or you can recommend an image from or we will select an image.

Providing the image yourself: It is important it can be shown in full width and cropped to suit the icon listing. The size should be 780 pixels x 200 pixels high, and format jpeg, gif or png. You must have the rights for this image to be used worldwide indefinitely, and by submitting an image you agree to indemnify AAE against any legal action for copyright infringement of this image.

Images in body copy
  • Images with fine detail (eg text, tables, flowcharts) are best at full page width of 780 pixels, by required height
  • Other images embedded in the copy should be about 300 pixels wide by height required (preferably not more than 600 pixels high)
  • Please indicate the location that images are to be placed among the text in a word document AND send as attachments to your email
  • If you don't have images with rights to use them, then you can recommend images from or we will select image(s)
  • By submitting any image you agree to indemnify AAE against any legal action for copyright infringement of this image

Tagging your content

Content is more likely to be received and seen by relevant members and subscribers if it is tagged with the Main and Detailed Interests that our community have selected in their profile.

Download the PDF with all the Main and Detailed interests that are used for tagging.

AAE Interests Sheet, as of September 2019.pdf


Last updated in 14/09/2019