Guidance for Chairs, Speakers & Presenters

This guidance is for chairs, speakers and presenters to AAE events.

Chairs & Speakers Bios & Photos

The biography should include:

  • Details of your current and up to two recent positions and outstanding honours - about 100 words / 700 characters
  • Reasons why delegates should listen to you on the subject of your talk - 50 words / 350 characters

Photo should be:

  • Square headshot
  • Professional style
  • Colour
When to arrive at the event

Please get to the venue early and speak to a few delegates. It always very useful to find out from them exactly what they are expecting to get from your talk.  Please let us know what time and day you expect to arrive and when you expect to depart the congress.

If you are running late

If you are running late please let us know, otherwise you will be chased down by the speaker manager.  Please call the speaker manager to advise them as soon as you anticipate a potential delay.

If the speaker manager believes you may not arrive on time, then in discussion with the Chair, and if practicable, a decision may be taken to swap around your talk.

On arrival at the event

You will be greeted by our Onsite Speaker Manager on arrival, unless they are occupied with another speaker.  If the Speaker Manager is not available please proceed to the Speaker Room on your own.

Speaker room

The speaker room is the place to check/submit your most up-to-date presentation and AV requirements, and that of the other speakers.

Arriving in the room (Chairs and Speakers)

Please be in the room about 30 minutes (chairs) and 15 minutes (speakers) before the start of the stream you are speaking in, in order to check-in with our Meeting Room Manager, meet with the chair and other speakers, and to make sure we have the right presentation on the presentation computer.

Meeting room staff (not workshops/briefings/Success Stories)

Each meeting room is staffed by a meeting room manager and most rooms by permanent technical staff. The manager will assist you with any requirements you may have. The meeting room manager will be inside the conference room all of the time during presentations.

Media use/engagement: Web broadcasting and video recording

The Plenary sessions and some or all streams are recorded. The Plenary sessions and the Conference and Events Stream are being webcast live.  These are made available to the whole association community. If you are concerned about the materials you are presenting not being suitable for this or have any other concerns, please raise this with us as soon as possible.

All delegates are advised of this in advance, and should they have any concerns on-site, they can raise this at the registration desk.

Dress code

Business attire